Celiira Nesten

Mayor of Talar


The young mayor of Talar, she was forced to return from a life of travel when her father was assassinated by a red-fletched arrow in the dark. There is elven blood several generations back in the Nesten line. Celiira’s love of music and tales and general joie de vivre stem perhaps from her elven heritage. Celiira would rather not be back in the small town of Talar but the people love her and she feels responsible to them. Celiira is a bit loud and overly friendly but it is hard to dislike the lovely red-haired freckled girl.

After Malchor’s treachery was uncovered by the Botany Club, Celiira has gone adventuring with them, leaving her exceedingly competent servant Frye in charge of Talar along with the penitent, imprisoned Malchor.

It was learned that in the past, she was in a relationship with Errol Trask. She is now involved with Meiyvr.

Celiira Nesten

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