Lionfolk Ranger with Wolf


Travels around hunting and trapping dangerous magical beasts, sells their pelts for a high price, but refuses to haggle. Likes riddles. Wolf companion is named Currgh. BC met him at The Laughing Manticore. He gave them a tip about the pumpkin pestilence being related to a spring gone foul. Also, if you have a riddle, you get a discount at Red Magic and Sundries in Brindol.

Garrock is getting pretty old for a half-orc and is just about ready to retire. He used to adventure with Kirimeivar, Verrasa Kaal, and Rillor Paln back in the day and carried the infant Meiyvr to live at the Laughing Manticore.

He was killed by the fiendish behir, Varanthian, but was reincarnated from a half-orc to a lionfolk by the Ghostlord who claims to hold power over him now.


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