Kerden Jarmaath

Lord of Brindol


Lord Jarmaath is a lean man with a short, well-trimmed beard, graying hair, and wrinkles that don’t quite belie his thirty-five years. Widely admired as a just and fair ruler, his responsibilities lay heavy upon him. He is very protective of his sister Sylvana Jarmaath who is 17 years his junior. She and Captain Lars Urveth were the only survivors of a brigand attack upon his parents 10 years earlier when the rule of Brindol was thrust upon him.

It is an open secret that he and Tredora Goldenbrow are lovers. He feels that a marriage would not be given the attention it should have, given their diverse responsibilities, and he is also quietly concerned with any outward show of impropriety with the threatening financial power of Lady Verrasa Kaal. Though moments of relaxation come few and far between for him, Sylvana knows he has a lovely singing voice.

Kerden Jarmaath

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