Magistrate of Talar


A cleric of Boccob, Malchor has served as Town Magistrate of Talar for thirty years. He is wise and competent, which is needed as Celiira Nesten, while popular, is not very focused on her duties as Mayor. Malchor openly worries what will happen when he is no longer there to advise her.

Later, it was revealed that he was secretly behind the robberies in Talar. His frustration with his underappreciated role under Lord Nesten led him to being manipulated by a fiendish psuedodragon named Blackspine who pretended to be the demi-god Vecna. Following “Vecna’s” advice to gain the respect Malchor believed he deserved, he arranged the assassination of Lord Nesten by a goblin named Blix. When he was not named replacement mayor and Celiira was named in his place his bitterness grew into another plan. He duped the werebadger Tarn Tetherknot into serving him with promises of healing his lycanthropy affliction. Together they had the townspeople robbed again and again, using small tunnels below the city to smuggle out the goods in harnesses worn by trained rats. Both Tetherknot and Blackspine were killed by the heroes and Malchor was captured after surrendering.


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