Miha Serani

Double-agent sorceress working for many sides


Miha Serani, a beautiful gypsy woman with exotic red and black hair, first was encountered as a servant in the household of “Baron” Hargil Trask. Celiira Nesten believed her to be her friend who was giving her information on the Trasks moves in Elsircross but it was later revealed that she was manipulating Harvin and Van Trask into a fight to embroil both Talar and Elsircross. She also caused a rift between the brothers resulting in Harvin’s death and Van’s imprisonment.

Later, it was learned she had worked with the Red Hand to imprison the dragon Kirimeivar.

The Botany Club ran into her again in Talar among some refugees. They learned she had placed a powerful suggestion over the Lion Guard Dorian that he had assaulted her. While the party rescued him from the gallows, she charmed Jack Wiston leading him into the woods and prying all of the party’s information from him along with his magic drow armor, Deathlinks. She then escaped heading west towards the approaching horde.

Miha Serani

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