Tag: dragon


  • Kirimeivar

    Kirimeivar has lived in the Vale since back in the days of the Empire of Rhest. At some point in his past, he disguised himself as a human sorcerer and adventured with [[:garrock | Garrock ]], [[:verrasa-kaal | Verrasa Kaal]], and [[:rillor-paln | Rillor …

  • Tyrgarun

    Tyrgarun is an ancient enemy of [[:kirimeivar | Kirimeivar]] who seems somehow associated with [[The Red Hand | The Red Hand]].

  • Regiarix

    A friend of Wyrmlord [[:saarvith-2 | Saarvith]], this black dragon had joined with the Red Hand to get revenge upon [[:kerden-jarmaath | Kerden Jarmaath]] who had wounded and robbed him of his treasure years earlier. After his defeat by the Botany Club, …