Tag: druid


  • Avarthel

    A member of the Keepers of Eth, the druidic circle of the Witchwood, Avarthel is a solemn young individual who keeps an eye on how the folk of Drellin's Ferry use (or misuse) the nearby forest. He prefers to use persuasion and reason to encourage …

  • Greta the Young

    A young human druid who resides in the Witchwood close to Witchcross. She is the Speaker of the Keepers of Eth, the druid circle. She has pledged that should they need it, to hide the Witchcross villagers.

  • Sellyria Starsinger

    Calm, wise, and perceptive, Sellyria has led the Tiri Kitor elves for nearly two hundred years. Although now frail, she commands deep respect from her people. Her giant crocodile companion, Relivax, prefers to sleep than fight but is quite fearsome.