Tag: ranger


  • Garrock

    Travels around hunting and trapping dangerous magical beasts, sells their pelts for a high price, but refuses to haggle. Likes riddles. Wolf companion is named Currgh. BC met him at The Laughing Manticore. He gave them a tip about the pumpkin pestilence …

  • Jorr Natherson

    Jorr is a cantankerous old woodsman who lives alone with his three big dogs in the Witchwood. He is somewhat friendly with [[:garrock | Garrock ]] but mostly wants to be left alone. He does hate goblins, though, and has been watching their presence grow.

  • Saarvith

    Was in charge of on an important project in [[Rhest | Rhest]]... protecting the hatching of greenspawn razorfiends, evil outsider-dragon crossbreeds. He and his troops were defeated by the Botany Club but he was allowed his life, convincing them that the …

  • Killiar Arrowswift

    A dour loner, Killiar Arrowswift is the leader of the hunters of the Tiri Kitor elves. Upon his trusted giant owl, Hodin, he came upon the party in the Blackfens and brought them to Starsong Hill before leading them to the sunken city of Rhest. He …