Tag: wizard


  • Immerstal

    Immerstal the Red is [[Brindol | Brindol's]] most prominent wizard and a noted alchemist to boot. He supplements the money he makes selling potions and magic items by teaching complex subjects to rich nobles' sons and daughters and fancies himself a …

  • Sertieren

    The town wizard is a highly regarded halfling of middle years who wears spectacles and has a disheveled mop of gray-white hair. An unassuming scholar, he is unselfish about using his magic for the benefit of his neighbors.

  • Jarvis

    Jarvis is a fat and cowardly halfling with greasy black hair parted on one side. He knows several magic spells such as Ventriloquism and Charm Person. He, along with his familiar Rikki and dim-witted rogue companions, [[:stephan-and-karl | Stephan and …