The thieves guild of Brindol, there are perhaps two dozen members of various professions, mostly rogues. Led by Rillor Paln, if the rumors are true, they generally stay their hand against targets inside the city walls to avoid the ire of the Lions.

One low-level gang is Destri, a halfling; Stine, a human male who dates Harry, a blond human girl; Burke and Valentine, two more human males. Burke, Valentine, and Destri juggle and tumble to their famed closing act, the Heart of Glass, while Stine and Harry work the crowd at the Market. Harry was rescued by Jack Wiston and Meiyvr to Stine’s annoyance.

More senior members are led by Tom Pretty, a dirty-blond haired tough with an ugly scar cutting across his mouth, who sometimes covers for Paln when the guild leader is away. The men he keeps close to him are Campbell, a tall and quiet man; Lynch, a brawler with long hair and arms; Howe, a small trap-and-lock specialist with a large nose; and Benmont Tench, a dapper ladies-man. Because they often do the foulest tasks needed by the Black Knives, they are nicknamed the Heartbreakers. Tom Pretty expects to lead the Knives one day.

Old Lottie, a nut-brown, wrinkled woman in her seventies, who had once been an excellent thief herself, is the trusted keeper of accounts for the Knives.


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