Skilled but undisciplined Lion of Brindol


When Dorian was an urchin on the streets of Brindol, he was taken in by Rillor Paln who saw potential in him. He became close with Paln and rose high in the Black Knives but got arrested one day, having let his guard down to save a child from being trampled. While in prison, he became smitten with a woman named Corinne of the Lion Guard, who tried to interrogate and recruit him to work against the thieves guild. While he would never give up the man who had become like a father to him, he found himself in love with Corinne. He vowed to her that when he had served his time, he would give up his criminal activities and join the Guard at her side.

But before he was free, Corinne had gone with Lars Urveth as the personal guard to the previous Lord Jarmaath and had been killed by highway bandits in the same ill-fated journey that took every life except for Urveth’s injured rescue of young Kerden and Sylvana.

Dorian kept his word however and joined the Guard. His knowledge of the streets proved invaluable and he put many criminals away but his disrespect for authority has kept him from rising in the ranks. It is said he is second only to Urveth in skill as a swordsman. He has earned the nickname “the Jackal” because he is not completely trusted by his fellow Guard. He spends most off-hours drinking his memories away in the Thirsty Zombie.

For passing along information to Meiyvr about Lieutenant Arianne’s scheme to bring down Paln for good, he’s been demoted to far ranged patrols outside of Brindol.

The Botany Club ran into him again in Drellin’s Ferry, where he had come with warnings that hobgoblins and ogres had blockaded the road north out of the Vale near the ancient city of Rhest. He left to help guard the first train of refugees from Drellin’s Ferry to Brindol.

They saw him again in Talar where he was awaiting a death sentence for assaulting a refugee, seeming to want the punishment for himself. It was learned the “victim” was actually Miha Serani who had somehow managed to impersonate his long-lost lover Corinne. The Botany Club put a stop to his execution.


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