bumbling criminal halfling wizard


Jarvis is a fat and cowardly halfling with greasy black hair parted on one side. He knows several magic spells such as Ventriloquism and Charm Person. He, along with his familiar Rikki and dim-witted rogue companions, Stephan and Karl, tried unsuccessfully to exact a toll upon Winnie Wiston as she traveled the Dawn Way. They also inadvertently admitted to robbing the shrine of Fharlanghn. She ordered them to try to find help for Kirken Farm after Commanding Jarvis to kneel.

Despite his poor initial impression and general self-centeredness, Jarvis has become a trusted companion of the Botany Club with his array of sometimes useful spells. He has even been brave on occasion.

It was learned that he came from a large, humble family of picklers in Dauth and his nickname there is Jarvis “Smallpickle” since his father is Jarvis Pickle. He is incredibly embarrassed by this.

Perhaps this is what drives him almost single-mindedly to become the “first” (that he knows of) halfling archmage. He speaks of this often.

He rides a dire corgi named Gareth.


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